Joaquim Junqué De Fortuny

Freelance Analyst/Programmer

About me

My name is Joaquim Junqué De Fortuny. I am a 32 year old senior analyst/programmer. I am currently living in Belgium (Antwerp).

As a freelancer i'm always looking for new and exciting projects and opportunities.

Feel free to look around in my portfolio and discover the projects i've been involved in in the past. If you are searching for someone with a particular skillset i recommend looking at the technologies section.

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Programming languages

Java, C#, Javascript, PHP, Typescript


AngularJS, Angular2 , JQuery, Aurelia.js, Redux, Lodash, Bootstrap, Html , Css, SCSS (Less), Sails, Flash, Flex, REST-services,Json, Webservices, JointJs, PaperJs


.NET, ASP.NET, Struts 1, Spring, Wordpress, Documentum, NodeJS, Webpack, Gulp, Maven, Nexus, Jenkins


MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird (database and ORM), Entity Framework, LINQ, Hybernate


SCRUM, WPF, Windows, Ubuntu, Mac, Jira, XML, XSD, Confluence, Stash, Youtrack



Native language


written: very good, spoken: very good, reading: very good


written: intermediate, spoken: intermediate, reading: intermediate


written: none, spoken: good, reading: good


Professionele Bachelor Toegepaste Informatica

Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen, 2009

Specifieke lerarenopleiding (SLO)

Stedelijk CVO - Pestalozzi, 2013


Niko (2016 - 2017)

At Niko i was responsible for developing configuration software for a domotica system called Niko Home Control.

The configuration software consists of various forms made in AngularJS, Redux, SCSS and TypeScript running in the browser.

I was personally responsible for creating variousscreens by creating reusable components using a smart and dumb component architecture.

The software communicates with the back end through web sockets so there was a two way communication system (client to server and server to client). Changes in the model where applied to forms through Redux.

Apart from forms I also developed a map view (a drawing tool). This map view is used to draw/display the floor plan of a building, ad lights, switches and other domotica components and make connections between these components. When i entered this project they used an SVG based drawing framework with Backbone (JointJs). After some performance testing I proved this system not to be perfomant enough for our needs so I switched to a HTML5 Canvas drawing library called PaperJs.

I created the whole class architecture responsible for drawing things on the map view and keeping it consistent with changes in the model (changes from client and server). I also created graph like visual components that represented the connections between the the domotica components on the map, panning zooming and animations from scratch.

I used Webstorm as a dev environment together with nodejs, webpack, gulp and various other frameworks. We worked with SCRUM, used Git as a version control system and every pull request was code reviewed by the rest of the team (through stash).

I can remember the clients being very happy in terms of delivery time, functional an code quality as well as on a personal level.

Internal project at Niko as a freelance consulatant

AngularJs, Redux, TypeScript, SCSS, PaperJS, NodeJs, Webpack, Gulp, SVG, Webstorm, Git, Stash, Confluence, Youtrack

Province of Antwerp (2014 - 2016)

At the Province of Antwerp i was employed as an Java analyst/programmer. Together with a team of developers I developed and maintained the software that is used by the functionaries to complete government procedures (for example building and environmental permits). The application was build upon the Documentum platform.

I also helped streamline the development/build process and did some smaller projects with Spring , Struts REST services. I also optimized several functionalities (generic search screen algorithms, caching of data) and made several proof of concept applications using modern javascript/css frameworks (AngularJS, Angular2, Aurelia, Less, Twitter Bootstrap).

I also helped develop a Service Oriënted Architecture (in .NET) using dependency injection for future projects and did some code reviews of code written by consultants.

Internal development

Java, Spring, Struts 1, Documentum, Maven, Jenkins, Nexus, AngularJS, Angular2, Aurelia.js, NodeJS, ,Css (bootstrap)

Team4Talent (2012 - 2014)

At Team4Talent i worked as an in house .NET analyst/programmer and as a consultant on several big projects. I worked solo or in small teams depending on the stage of the project. I helped develop an online learning platform (CMS or Course Management System) for the University of Hasselt. I was involved in the development of an online tool for Lanxess to manage some of HR needs. I also helped make a track and trace system for Nespresso. My last job was working as a consultant for SD Worx.

UHasselt, Lanxess, Nespresso,SD Worx

.NET, C#, Access, Open Office AP

Peopleware (2010 - 2012)

Peopleware is a software house that makes software for several companies and government institutions. I was involved in the development of several .NET projects that aimed at digitizing and optimizing business processes. We used SCRUM as the agile development methodology and modern techniques like ORM's to access the database.

Fashion Club 70, Ijsfabriek

NET 4.0, C#, Firebird (DB and ORM), WPF

3P (2010)

3P develops software applications for government bodies in the niche of public procurement systems. I was employed as an analyst/programmer and i was active in the R&D team. I was responsible for researching document generation with Open Office as well as maintaining the existing software so it would follow the latest laws and regulations.

Internal development

.NET, C#, Access, Open Office API

Marketing map (2009 - 2010)

At Marketing Map i was employed as an analyst/programmer. I was responsible for the analysis, development and maintenance of several websites and rich internet applications for clients and internal projects. I also composed statistics and report generators from the company databases.

maxizoo, retaildetail, inmijnbus, Coca Cola Belgium

.NET, C#, Asp.Net, Telerik, Flex(actionscript), MS SQL, HTML, CSS


Feel free to contact me at any time through one of the following channels.